I am a music producer, artist, educator, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer & designer, live show programmer and Ableton Certified Trainer in Los Angeles CA.


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I am the producer, performer, and songwriter under the name Daiza, creating avant-pop; manipulating original analog recordings from our world, flowered with her hazy, synthetic sound design. Daiza is known for incorporating new advances in music technology both in the studio and on the stage.

My live performance set consists of live MIDI and audio controlling through Ableton and various pieces of gear such as the Push 2, Novation Launchpad and Sensel Morph and soft synths like Omnisphere and Wavetable while singing and playing guitar. 

Daiza self established in the summer of 2017 and has released 8 singles: "Too Good" "Hands" "Over Again" "Realize" "Manners" "Metal Mouth" "Crying Blanks" and "Here." My next release will be followed by my debut album. 

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April 13, 2018

Pop Dust | Release Radar: Realize Premiere

Previously heard on Spotify Playlists: The Future Is Female, FEMME HOUSE; Radio Stations: Radio Seagull, Sound Machine Radio, SDC RadioWorks, Pirate Radio WKKC-DB, and LHMPR Radio. 


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Teacher, Educator & Ableton Certified Trainer

I have an extensive versatility and expertise as a producer, songwriter, instrumentalist, educator and live show designer, and work to enable people to creatively express themselves with music technology. As an educator and Ableton Certified Trainer, I offers personalized one-on-one and group lessons from her home studio and online, and leads workshops ranging from introductory to advanced concepts.

Since 2016, I have been teaching and working with Beats By Girlz and now lead the LA chapter hosted at artworxLA. We use Ableton Live and the Push in class and provide young women with the guidance, access, tools and role-support to develop their interest and skills in music production, composition, engineering, etc.


In 2018, I started to teach classes and private lessons at the Ableton Certified Training Center, Beat Lab Academy in Eagle Rock, CA. Beat Lab is an electronic music production school offering beginner to advanced music production courses in a comprehensive 6-month certification program through Ableton Certified Trainer,   Yeuda Ben-Atar  's curriculum.

Topics include:

  • Ableton Live

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

  • Live Performance

  • Audio Engineering

  • Synthesis

  • Sound Design

  • Vocal Production/Processing

  • Remixing

  • Music Theory/Advanced Harmony

With the release of Ableton Live 10, I have been able to help update the curriculum. I have also had the pleasure of teaching several workshops at Beat Lab including, Beats By Ladiez workshops. 


  • Live performance design and audio technology consulting

  • One-on-one private training

  • Online instruction and distant learning

  • Group workshops and specialized master classes

  • Live performance and DJ training

  • Studio engineering and audio production

  • Sound design

  • Instrument and Effects programming


Berklee College of Music

September 2013 - May 2017

Dual bachelors degree in Contemporary Writing & Production and Electronic Production & Design


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Live Show Design & Playback Engineer

As an experienced performer and troubleshooter, I build, program and design Ableton Live sets for artists looking to integrate laptops and digital technologies into their workflow and stage setup. Specializing in composition, performance, and creative music technology application, I have worked with and represented companies such Ableton, Sensel, and Mellotron. 

I have performed, tech'd and musical directed live shows for various artists and have programmed live sets for music equipment manufactures as an artist, producer and musician. My niche skills allow me to equip other songwriters, musicians and bands with the same tools and guidance to execute their live shows on their own. 

Ableton Live Programmer, Tech and Consultant

Artists include: Imogen Heap, Common, KYLE, Madame Gandhi, Ezi, Angela Sheik, ELEM, Maddie Jay, WITHIN, Kayla Jacobs

Companies include: Ableton, Mellotron, Sensel, Strange Electronic, iZotope


  • Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro          

  • Live sound / FOH mix engineer

  • Playback engineer / IEM engineer

  • Sound design and MIDI programming

  • Songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, artist

  • Show programming and design

  • Kontakt, Massive, FM8, Absynth, Omnisphere

  • Finale Music Notation 2013 and 2014


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Beats By Girlz

Beats By Girlz is a non-traditional, creative and educational music technology curriculum, collective, and community template designed to empower females to engage with music technology. We provide young women with the guidance, access, tools and role-support to develop their interest (and ultimately their ability to pursue career opportunities) in music production, composition and engineering. We are working towards gender equity in a field where women are highly underrepresented and strive to help other groups mobilize and create similar change in their own communities.

Board Member, Communications and Program Director

August 2016 - Present

With BBG founder and Associate Professor at The Berklee College of Music, Erin Barra-Jean, and with Christin Light & Krithi Rao, we manage 20+ chapter across the US (New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Minneapolis) and are growing rapidly. I design our graphics, website and all marketing materials, along with managing special projects like our Patreon and annual Hit Like A Girl Contest

Teacher and Curriculum Development & Design

August 2017 - Present

As a music educator, I teach the BBG LA chapter hosted at artworxLA. We use Ableton Live and the Push in class and teach music production, composition, engineering, mixing and mastering. Our Level 1 curriculum covers MIDI, audio, recording, sequencing, sampling, warping, and other musical and technical skills. 

Recently, I've had the pleasure of working alongside Erin Barra and other board members of Beats By Girlz to develop advanced curriculum for Level 2 - Sampling and DSP. Topics include mixing, remixing, vocoders, field recording and deeper discussions regarding warping, sampling, audio<>MDI and more musical and technical skills.

In order to keep BBG free for adolescent youth, we host and sell seats to Beats By Ladiez workshops where I teach Ableton focused curriculum to those 18+. In Los Angeles, I have developed and taught these lessons ​over topics such as Live Performance Essentials and Basics in Ableton Live


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During my time in college as Visual Media Director at the BIRN (Berklee Internet Radio Network), I filmed and edited over 175 live performances with artist such as Kaki King, Andra Day, Colin Hay, and Emily King. Since, I have worked as a videographer for various artists, companies and organizations including creating and developing the series Mellotron Home Tapes.


  • Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve

  • Photoshop

photo by Lissy Elle

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