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Daiza show in Burbank, 2018
Daiza's studio in Burbank, 2018

Danielle Thwaites is the performer, producer, songwriter and artist behind the name Daiza. She is known for incorporating new advances in music technology both in the studio and on the stage & for her highly processed analog recordings, flowered with her hazy, synthetic sound design.


A native of Dallas, TX, I moved to Los Angeles at 21 with enough self-produced songs and began performing all across the city under the moniker daiza. Along with a guitar and mic, my live rig consists of MIDI and audio manipulation by means of various controllers like Push 2, Morph, Launchpad and Genki’s Wave ring, hardware and software synthesizers, and of course my trusty laptop with Ableton Live.

As an experienced performer, live show designer and programmer, my performances always incorporate new advances in music technology while keeping the integrity of the guitar and the human voice, flowered with hazy, synthetic sound design.

Daiza self established in the summer of 2017 and has released 8 singles: "Too Good" "Hands" "Over Again" "Realize" "Manners" "Metal Mouth" "Crying Blanks" and "Here." My next release will be followed by my debut album. 


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Previously heard on Spotify Playlists: The Future Is Female, FEMME HOUSE; Radio Stations: Radio Seagull, Sound Machine Radio, SDC RadioWorks, Pirate Radio WKKC-DB, and LHMPR Radio. 

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