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As an experienced performer, troubleshooter and certified trainer, I build, program and design Ableton Live sets for artists looking to integrate laptops and digital technologies into their workflow and stage setup

Live Show Design & Playback Engineer

Specializing in the creative applications of technology, I have been a performer, tech and musical directer for the live shows of various artists, helping bring their productions to life. As a playback engineer and musician, tasks typically include editing the music by crafting transitions, deciding how each song will be performed, choosing instrumentation, syncing the audio with lighting and video and I/O setup.


With a focus in live show design, I enjoy programming optimized Live sets and building manageable rigs to ease the gig process for bands and songwriters while putting them in control. My niche skills allow me to equip other songwriters, musicians and bands with the same tools and guidance to execute their live shows on their own. 

Ableton Live Programmer

Artists include: Danny Elfman, The Kid LAROI, Roddy Rich, Doja Cat, Imogen Heap, Gunna, Eric Bellinger, Flo Milli, Ezi, Madame Gandhi, Kadhja Bonet, Jojo Abot

Companies include: AbletonMellotron, Sensel, Noise Engineering, Strange Electronic, iZotope


  • Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro          

  • Playback engineer

  • Digital and Analog Rig Builder and Operator

  • AutoTune Live Rig Builder and Programmer

  • Show programming and optimization

  • Live FX Rig Builder and Programmer

  • MIDI Controllerist

  • Hardware and software tech

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view : CV and EPK

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